CliviaTrends Gallery
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Broadleaf and Miniature Clivia

A Collection of Truly World Class Broadleaf and Miniature Clivia
Clivia with Green Centres

Green Centred Clivia flowers have become very sought after in the quest to produce new colours. Here are some superior specimens of green centred Clivia.
Interspecific Clivia

The results of many years of crosses and back-crosses of the various clivia species
Multipetal Clivia

The Term multipetal is used very loosely and some cliva are termed multipetal when only one or two flowers show the trait. CliviaTrends set the bar very high, with only plants with at least 80% of the umbel showing the trait, being termed as such.
Orange Flowering Clivia

Genetically superior Orange Flowering specimens selected for specific traits for use in our breeding programmes.
Pastel/Pink Flowering Clivia

Although not our focus, the odd pastel Clivia do pop up every now and then.
Peach Flowering Clivia

Superior Peach flowering Clivia with emphasis on Peach colour.
Pendulous Species

A collection of different colour variations of the five pendulous species. (Clivia Nobillis; Clivia Mirabillis; Clivia Robusta; Clivia Gardenii; Clivia Caulescens)
Red Flowering Clivia

Our collection of red Clivia depict our commitment to breeding and developing True Red Clivia.
The Trend is Green

Charlsgreen is one of the greatest finds of the century in the Clivia World. It Boasts a Green flower with the edges of the tepals showing white instead of yellow. Green is our game here at Cliviatrends and be sure expect more of the Worlds Trend setting Cliva's to originate here.
Variegated Clivia

A collection of Variegated leaf forms of especially yellow flowering forms.
Yellow Flowering Clivia

A Collection of some of the best yellow flowering forms available